JQuery AJAX file uploading with custom browse button & without Flash

AJAX file uploading using jQuery & PHP:

In the day to day life of web programming, you will need to upload the files on server without page refresh. It is very easy with flash, but will little bit tricky with XMLHttpRequest (JavaScript Browser Object) and AJAX.
Find the below code or Package that will help you to design your file browse button as per your site theme or whatever the design you want. I think you already aware by the AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML)


Find the below Package for doing the job of AJAX file uploading, where you don’t need Flash work at all.


You have to add 2 JavaScript (jQuery) file and a very simple Style Sheet, which is used to make the browse button as per your requirement or needs.


Download the below zip file to explore your world of web application development.




If you find any bug left by me 🙂 or find any difficultly to implement, please post comment.