Google’s Chrome is biggest gainer with respect to IE & Firefox in Browser Wars

Top 5 most popular internet web browsers

A large number of people use the browser that comes with their computer’s operating system.


Internet Explorer on Windows
Safari on the Mac
Firefox on Linux


Apart from these Microsoft’s Internet Explorer is still the world’s most popular browser, but (IE) and Mozilla’s Firefox lost a lot of market share(users) to Google’s Chrome in 2011, which is now in second place.

According to StatCounter’s 2011 data (see image below), IE currently has a 39% market share, Chrome is at 27%, while Firefox holds 25% of the market.

2011 Browser Usage Statistics

Safari and Opera follow with 6% and 2% market share, respectively.

Internet Explorer started 2011 with a 46% share of the market, and Firefox was over 30%. Both browsers steadily lost their share throughout the year, and almost all of it went to Google Chrome, which is clearly the year’s biggest gainer.