PHP: Application Repository & Community Library PEAR & PECL

PEAR is short form of  PHP Extension and Application Repository.


PEAR is a framework and distribution system for reusable PHP component. Each PEAR code package comprises an independent project under the PEAR umbrella. It has its own development team, version-control and documentation.


A PEAR package is distributed as a gzipped tar file. Each archive consists of source code written in PHP, usually in an object-oriented style. Many PEAR packages can readily be used by developers as ordinary third party code via simple include statements in PHP.


The purpose of PEAR is to provide.

  • A structured library of open-source code for PHP users.
  • A system for code distribution and package maintenance.
  • To promote the standard coding style.


PEAR Mission Statement

PEAR is a community-driven project governed by its developers.
PEAR’s mission is to provide reusable components and codes, lead innovation in PHP, provide best practices for PHP development and educate developers with quality programming/coding.


You can get full library of PEAR by the below link.


PECL (PHP Extension Community Library) is conceptually very similar to PEAR, and indeed PECL modules are installed with the PEAR Package Manager. PECL contains C extensions for compiling into PHP. As C programs, PECL extensions run more efficiently than PEAR packages.


PECL includes modules for

  • XML-parsing
  • access to additional databases
  • mail-parsing
  • embedding Perl or Python in PHP scripts and for
  • compiling PHP scripts etc etc


You can get full library of PECL by the below link.