Test and debug your code online

During program or code development we face lot of issues and bugs and in between we need some debugging.
In PHP there is not a easy way to debug the page line by line, so you have to use ‘echo’,’die’,’print_r’,’var_dump’ like functions for debugging.


It take a little bit more time to open the page add these function and then view that page again by refreshing the browser.


Here on internet you have lot of websites the providing the same functionality to check the variable in very less time and without reviewing code again and again.


I am listing out some of these as follows:

1. json_encode and json_decode parser online tool

2. base64_decode and base64_encode

3. Array serialize and unserialize

4. Format date and date related function

5. md5,preg_replace ,preg_match

6. String related functions


7. Count characters in a string and words in a sentence


8. JS beautifier (to format your JavaScript file)


9. Format your HTML page (format your HTML page)


10. W3C validate


RUN/Execute your small php code online with any version of PHP.


RUN/Execute your JavaScript code to view the result online.


RUN/Execute jQuery code online to test


List of All PHP Functions


Okay guys, Try out these hope these will help you in debugging the code.
All the best!!



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